Pregnancy Massage: Let Your Husband Help You


Massage is undoubtedly a very useful tool that helps improve range of motion, soothe sore muscles, and provide a relaxed and calm feeling to all the expectant moms. With no doubt, professional prenatal massages can be the option, however, experts say that it is much better if the massage is done by the person you love – your partner. Moreover, there are simple steps that a future father need to learn in order to make a perfect massage to the future mother.

Correct positioning

1. Floor technique: use a mattress to get a firmer surface.

For this technique a man should take 2 pillows and position them on the floor in order to resemble an arrow point. Then the pregnant woman needs to lie on the side with the armpit between these 2 pillows. The pillows are needed to support the stomach and the back of the future mother.

One more pillow is needed to support the mother’s neck and for proper spine alignment. The bottom leg of a woman should be straights.

According to experts from – store selling designer maternity clothes this is the best massage technique for the third trimester, because it provides the mother with comfort ability and security for the baby.

2. Kneeling technique: extra belly support and pressure relieve.

With this technique a woman needs to kneel by the bed with the shoulders supported by the bed. A man needs to place a pillow or a couple of them under her knees in order to add extra comfort and make sure that the belly is free from pressure.

And in any case the husband should ask the wife about her feelings of comfort.


Massage Techniques

1. Relieve back pain

If your wife suffers from back pains you need to begin at the nape of the neck and then continue gentle massage down to the hips. Then you need to very gently move back up the neck on the very opposite side of the spine.

Try to incorporate all sides of the spine into this massage technique and do not forget about the spine itself.

2. Assist in reducing strain on the buttocks.

In order to reduce the strain on the buttocks a man needs to massage a soft fist very gently into the bone at the very base of the spine. You (husband) need to use the fist in order to gently press in and down. Make sure to tile the pelvis just slightly as you can do so. Make sure that you avoid moving down far enough in order to involve touching the tailbone.

According to the professionals it is very easy to reduce the buttocks pains of wearing special clothes. It is easy to read about it and undoubtedly find it online on web-sites like to get best belly bands and back supporters for your wife.

3. Assist in reducing strain on the buttocks.

You (husband) need to first of all use the fist to gently press in and down, tiling the pelvis just a little as you do so. Try to avoid moving down and make it far enough to involve touching the tailbone.