Facial Treatments

Perfectly Pure Performance

Erase tension lines and stress from your face with an elaborate and mesmerizing face, scalp and neck massage using the purest products to cleanse, tone, exfoliate and moisturize according to your skin type. 50 minutes $65.

Take advantage of innovative laser acne removal procedure in Toronto to decrease the acne and make your skin look even and fresh.

Do you want to have a fresh and beautiful skin and look 10 years younger? Our beauty salon will turn all your dreams into reality! We offer a huge number of methods and procedures for facial care that are focused on skin rehabilitation, restoration and rejuvenation. The highly skilled experts of our salon will develop a customized treatment program for your face and body, the frequency and number of sessions. We will advise you on ideal home skin care routine for your skin type and help to select the right skin care solutions from the range of Obagi products. Contact us and stay young and beautiful!